Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bacon, Perogies and Sprouts

This was one of my favourite hearty meals over the winter. After a long, cold day, the thought of making this dish kept me going and then some. Of course now that it's summer I've had less of a craving for dishes like this, but have a look.

What you need
- x slices of bacon (I used x = 5)
- 2x+2 perogies (that'd be 12)
- 2x/3 handfuls of Brussels sprouts (about 3.5 handfuls) (can substitute with broccoli, or any veggie really)

1. Fry bacon in a pan or skillet until some fat collects.
2. Move bacon to the side and dump on the perogies and sprouts. If they came frozen, make sure they are thawed first.
3. Cook to preferred doneness. There is no wrong way at this point.

Delicious. And what's more, Brussels sprouts are known to prevent heart attacks. Meaning they cancel out the ones all this bacon would cause!

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