Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bacon, Perogies and Sprouts

This was one of my favourite hearty meals over the winter. After a long, cold day, the thought of making this dish kept me going and then some. Of course now that it's summer I've had less of a craving for dishes like this, but have a look.

What you need
- x slices of bacon (I used x = 5)
- 2x+2 perogies (that'd be 12)
- 2x/3 handfuls of Brussels sprouts (about 3.5 handfuls) (can substitute with broccoli, or any veggie really)

1. Fry bacon in a pan or skillet until some fat collects.
2. Move bacon to the side and dump on the perogies and sprouts. If they came frozen, make sure they are thawed first.
3. Cook to preferred doneness. There is no wrong way at this point.

Delicious. And what's more, Brussels sprouts are known to prevent heart attacks. Meaning they cancel out the ones all this bacon would cause!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Double Bacon Update! "Toxic Sludge" + Bacon Grilled Cheese Brownwiches

Ahoy, mateys! I've been busy, but I hope this double update makes up for my absence.

First is "Toxic Sludge," a recipe born of serendipity. I combined a whole mess-a leftovers for this one: Swiss Chalet rotisserie chicken breast, Swiss Chalet gravy, ground beef with veggies, mashed potatoes. I fried these up with bacon, and the results "...showed us that even hideous things can be sweet on the inside!"

The dish is notable for including one each of the big three meats: beef, pork and chicken. Also, it is entirely yummy, and makes a nice hearty meal. If there's an ideal way to get rid of leftovers, it's getting rid of them with bacon.

The second dish... the Bacon Grilled Cheese Brownwich.

Alright, this recipe is simple. You know how to make grilled cheese, right? And you know how to make grilled cheese with bacon? Okay, now replace the bread with hash browns. I used processed cheddar cheese as well as Asiago, but you can use whatever kind you want. Eat with a fork unless you want really greasy hands.

Speaking of really greasy: While this dish is delicious, it is even less healthy than most of what you'll find here. Enjoy sparingly. I made three and actually had trouble finishing the third. The processed cheese is like throat glue.

But it IS delicious, no question about that.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Bacon Pit-za

I had some leftovers I needed to be rid of. Naturally I decided to get rid of it alongside some bacon. Looking over my ingredients, I saw a flartbread, a marinara sauce, and a sausage - and I knew I needed to whip up some improvised pizza.

What I used (feel free to substitute/improvise)
- 2 pitas, Greek-style (pocketless)
- A couple spoonfuls of Ragu
- 4 slices of kielbasa sausage
- 2 slices of bacon
- A handful of scallions, chopped
- A sprinkle of parmesan cheese (However, I would recommend a different cheese, like mozzarella)
- A pinch of garlic

1. Fry bacon and kielbasa in a pan or skillet to preferred doneness.
2. Fry pitas on one side, in the bacon grease, for about 1 minute.
3. Flip pitas over. Spread Ragu on top of pitas while the bottoms cook.
4. Sprinkle cheese on top of Ragu. Add bacon and kelbasa.
5. Fry scallions for 30 seconds in greasiest corner of the pan, then spread on pitas.
6. Sprinkle more cheese, as well as a pinch of garlic, on each pita.
7. Wait until cheese has melted (if applicable), then turn off heat and serve.

Delicious! I was impressed with this one. I believe any flatbread + tomato sauce + meat + cheese coimbination will yield similarly magnificent results. The bacon is not the highlight of the dish, and indeed isn't wholly necessary, but the grease allows for a sizzling preparation that can never go wrong.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My first experiment was to combine bacon with bananas. The result is a dish that I have dubbed "Baconana".

What you need
- Bananas, peeled
- 2 strips of bacon per banana (maple bacon preferred)
- Skillet, griddle, or frying pan

1. Lightly fry bacon on one side.
2. Wrap bacon around bananas, uncooked side facing out. One banana should be large enough for 2 pieces of bacon. If you like, cut bananas in half first.
3. Fry bacon-wrapped bananas to taste.

Delicious. Bacon makes bananas good. Makes a good breakfast side dish for pancakes, or a good dessert. Warning: Greasy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Welcome, bacon eaters, to my new blog

Bacon! Who doesn't love bacon? That's a good question. Let me think...

- Jews
- Muslims
- Vegetarians
- Health nuts
- Pork phobics
- Sad, soulless husks of people, the kind of people who hate music and would shudder at the sound of a baby's laughter

But there is a better question I should be asking. How many foods TASTE BAD WITH BACON?


That's the list. I can't think of any foods. I am going to have to make this an official hypothesis:

No food cannot be made delicious, or more delicious, by either frying it with, or (in the case it cannot be fried) eating it with, bacon.

My mission, therefore, is as follows:

Test a number of different foods for bacon compatability. Exclude no seemingly inappropriate option. Document all progress.

Foods to test:

- Brussels sprouts (done)
- Apples
- Bananas (done)
- Curry
- Ice cream
- Random leftovers (ongoing)

I need more ideas for foods, so feel free to suggest some. In the meantime, expect updates detailing my various bacon creations!